Landlord Rescue for Landlords in Houston, TX: 3 Things to Know

Landlord Rescue for Landlords in Houston, TX: 3 Things to Know

Have you noticed that your property managers aren't helping your real estate investment succeed? There's a good chance that you've made the mistake of hiring the wrong property management company and now need landlord rescue.

Landlord rescue services involve replacing your property management company with a new company that has the required experience and resources to address important issues.

Ready to get your investment back on track? Keep reading to learn how landlord rescue services can help.

1. Catch Up on Past Due Rents

A landlord rescue service can help landlords catch up on past-due rents. If your tenants haven't paid after the COVID rent relief ended, or you just have bad tenants who refuse to pay rent, a new property manager will get them on track.

Property managers can start collecting back payments by demanding unpaid rent. If a tenant refuses to pay rent even after an expert property manager gets involved, you have the legal right to start the eviction process.

This is another task that landlord rescue in Houston, Texas can help with. Houston renters have certain rights that landlords must abide by, and going through the eviction process with the correct courts will keep landlords out of trouble.

If you don't take the proper avenues to evict bad tenants, a tenant might sue you for illegal eviction.

2. Address Code Violations

One of the main reasons that landlord rescue services are needed is because your property has become unlivable. If you don't want to become a slumlord in the real estate world, make changes now.

When a property isn't managed correctly, property records are likely to be lost or nonexistent. If your property has code violations that you aren't actively fixing, you could face hefty fines.

A lien might be placed on the property if you don't pay these fines. In some cases, the government can foreclose on your rental business.

A new property management company will help rental owners address any outstanding code violations and create a plan for maintaining the property to avoid the problem again in the future.

3. Conduct Home Inspections

If you are an out-of-town real estate investor, you've likely left most of your property tasks to someone incompetent and now need landlord rescue.

While you are out of town conducting business and focusing on real estate investments, new property managers will come in and schedule periodic rental inspections.

Routine property inspections and maintenance are important to ensure tenants are following their lease agreements. It also ensures no squatters are taking up residence in vacant properties.

A landlord rescue property manager will clean up the property, review past maintenance requests, schedule outstanding repairs, and evict illegal tenants all on your behalf.

Do You Need Landlord Rescue Services?

If your current property management company got your real estate investment way off track, you need landlord rescue services.

Without the right property management team taking on day-to-day operations, your property won't be maintained and, if worst comes to worst, you could lose your property entirely.

At PMI Northwest Houston, we clean up messes to help landlords like you bring in rental income. Partnering with us means gaining the expertise of a professional property manager.

Don't let your property continue to get worse. Contact us now to get started with the above tasks and beyond.