Is a Townhouse a Good Property to Rent?

Townhouse construction has been shown to expand since 2009. Only in Florida, the active listing of townhouses and condos was around 3000. Most of these properties charged around a million US dollars for property ownership.

As a renter, it depends on your preferences and on the kind of lifestyle you appreciate. Townhouses are usually constructed in the suburbs, whereas a condo is a vertical assemblage manageable in a city setting. If you appreciate some quiet time with a small community of people who grow up together, then you should go for owning or renting a townhouse.

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We have reasons why you should pick a townhouse as your next rental/place to live:

The Rents are Highly Affordable

If you feel condos have too many people living close, a townhouse gives you a small community of people who live around each other. Townhouses are affordable to own and rent. They offer you both a lawn space and separate premises compared to a condo. They are cared for by an HOA (Homeowners Association).

Increased Living Area

While condos and traditional apartments offer limited living space, there’s no way a townhouse would be too cluttered with a single family in it. They are perfect for single families! Renting a townhouse means all the possible space you could need.

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 a series of houses

All Pets Are Welcome

Unlike an apartment or a condo, a townhouse is like a traditional home. It gives you more privacy than a regular condo. If your landlord doesn’t have an issue, you can entertain your pet in your townhouse’s small lawn or yard.

Additional Privacy

Even when you live in a community regulated by Homeowners Association, it’s not cluttered as a condo is. You don’t have to share everything from an elevator to the entrance like that in a condo. A townhouse offers separate small lawns. As a renter with a growing family, you might want to consider that first.

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